The best ecommerce product category page optimization checklist you'll find on the internet

Daniel K Cheung
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The product category page plays an essential role in digital marketing and sales.

  1. Brand discovery: People searching for a head term keyword typically do not know what they’re looking for. Instead, they are looking for ideas and for something to catch their attention. If your ecommerce product category page appears at the top of organic search, you can capture their curiosity, gain the click, and hopefully turn them into a paying customer.
  2. Customer acquisition: The only metric that matters in ecommerce is conversions. It’s not impressions, it’s not traffic, it’s certainly not ranking position. Conversions – this is the only thing that matters to an ecommerce business and you need paying customers to achieve this and having highly visible product category pages is one way to increasing your customer base.

Also known as a product listing page (or PLP for short), category pages usually represent head term keywords with substantial search interest making them another reason why they’re so important to ecommerce.

But most ecommerce websites get technical SEO, on-page SEO, semantic SEO, UX, UI, accessibility, and CRO completely wrong and this leads to huge amounts of potential revenue being left on the table.

What if there were a way to make sure YOUR product category page doesn’t make these common mistakes?

What if there were a checklist that YOU could follow to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table?

Well, I have great news!

I've got you covered.

With over 99+ things to check for, ranging from preliminary questions to nitty gritty fall out from having faceted navigation, I've put everything you would possibly need in this checklist.

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Content, UX, UI, CRO, technical SEO, schema markup, accessibility, EEAT
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The best ecommerce product category page optimization checklist you'll find on the internet

21 ratings
I want this!