Schema Markup Templates For Homepages | 6x Examples Included

Daniel K Cheung
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Structured Data Template: For All Types Of Homepages

What's included?

This template pack for homepages contains:

  • 7x JSON template files
  • 6x JSON examples

You will get full access to templates built for:

  1. Generic business
  2. SME with 1x local location (e.g., 1x GBP listing)
  3. SME with multiple locations (e.g., 3x GBP listings)
  4. Website with multiple languages: primary language (e.g., en-US)
  5. Website with multiple languages: secondary language, same country (e.g., es-US)
  6. Website with multiple languages: primary, different country (e.g., en-AU)
  7. Website with one or more subdomains and subfolders and subsidiaries on a different domain

And to help you get started, I've built out complete examples based on:

  1. - SME with one GBP listing
  2. - SME with multiple GBP listings

Why does Google Rich Results Test tool show non-critical issues?

This is fine because they're non-critical issues and this happens because the things defines is different to what Google expects.

Remember, this is a rich results test tool - not so much a structured data testing tool. That is, this tool checks if the schema markup makes sense for Google to show rich results for a webpage on its SERPs.

To validate the code, I recommend using:


Should a homepage have schema markup?

Yes - it most definitely should!

This is because a website's homepage is one of its most important pages. Not only does it acquire the most backlinks, a homepage is the most frequented by search engines.

Therefore, having optimized structured data that tells Google what the webpage is about is critical for Google Knowledge Graph, SGE, and LLMs.

This is because connected structured data is the key to helping machines understand what an entity is and how it relates to other entities.

What should a homepage's structured data include?

Most websites have incorrect schema markup.

A homepage should ALWAYS communicate one clear message - that is, it is about the organization. But rather than having disconnected entities, these templates will make it seamless for you to connect a WebSite/WebPage Type with Organization Type.

What schema markup should a homepage have?

Every homepage should have at least two Types described:

  1. WebPage, and
  2. Organization

That is, the WebPage entity (i.e., the homepage) tells search engines that it is about another entity - Organization (i.e., the business/brand behind the website).

This can be achieved with nested schema markup using a number of item properties to connect the two entities.

In some situations, it may be useful to have WebSite Type - especially for companies that have subdomains and/or businesses that serve multiple regions with varying languages (e.g., hreflang).

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7 JSON templates and 6 JSON fully completed JSON examples for you to copy from


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Schema Markup Templates For Homepages | 6x Examples Included

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I want this!