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DIY schema markup templates for wedding photographers

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Connected schema will help Google understand your business better. This in turn makes it easier for Google to promote YOU to engaged couples looking for a wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer, you want to communicate the following effectively:

  1. The name of your business
  2. Where your business is located
  3. The areas your business services
  4. The type of service you provide (i.e., wedding photography)
  5. Who YOU are as the wedding photographer and owner of the business
  6. What makes YOU an experienced and qualified wedding photographer
  7. Your starting price
  8. Review snippets (from your Google Business Profile)

And you want to communicate all of these things so that they're all inter-connected instead of separate entities.

The "DIY schema markup templates for wedding photographers" will achieve this for you.

This product includes templates for 4 common page types:

  1. Homepage
  2. About page
  3. Pricing page (one for single starting price, one for packages)
  4. Location service page (e.g., Sydney wedding photography/photographer)
  5. Blog posts

I've already done all the hard work for you by writing the JSON-LD from scratch for your homepage, your about page, and for your wedding photography pricing or service URL.

The JSON-LD validates with both AND with Google.

All you will need to do is fill in the relevant fields and copy and paste the entire script into your homepage, about page and pricing/service page's <head>.

If you've never written JSON-LD before, don't worry, this template does all the heavy lifting for you and I've left instructions and examples in each .JSON file to guide you through the process for each page type.

Read the FAQs.

Note: You will need a Google Business Profile (GBP, previously called Google My Business) to get the most out of these templates. You will also need Visual Code Studio installed on your computer to make editing these templates easier.

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Page types covered
Homepage, About, Pricing, Blog Posts, Service Location Landing Pages
Schema types included
Organization, LocalBusiness, AboutPage, WebPage, WebSite, PostaAddress, ImageObject, OpeningHoursSpecification, Offer, AggregateRating, Review, Person, Rating, Service, Thing item descriptions available to you
relatedLink, isPartOf, url, @id, sameAs, name, publisher, address, addressLocality, addressRegion, postalCode, streetAddress, hasMap, areaServed, logo, contentUrl, dayOfWeek, opens, closes, lowPrice, priceCurrency, bestRating, worstRating, ratingCount, ratingValue, itemReviewed, reviewBody, author, datePublished, knowsAbout, serviceType, audience, geographicArea, founder, about, mainEntity
Download and install Visual Studio Code (free, available on both OS X and Windows) to edit the JSON files.


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DIY schema markup templates for wedding photographers

3 ratings
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